June 23, 2016


Omkar Infracon is an innovative company.
Not because it produces a conventional product like brick, but manufactures bricks with a difference. It turns an industrial waste into an eco-friendly product, thereby protecting the environment and reducing the carbon footprint. It’s products beautify the environment with a better finish. Omkar at its R&D center has developed products of architect’s choice with different shapes and sizes, easy to handle and soothing to eye aesthetically. Guided by the principal of sustainable developments, Omkar implements a variety of measures aimed at reducing the environmental CO2 emissions. Though Omkar is only six years  in age, but has surpassed the milestone in this industry and today has become the supplier of choice of reputed builders and developers through continuous enhancement of quality and offering the best products and services. Products leadership is the key to the company’s strength, allowing it to appropriately rewarded by its customers.
Certainly not the last but not the least most cost effective in the long run. All this and a myriad other reasons for saying that Omkar Builds not only fly ash bricks (sand lime bricks), but a little bit more…



Once the hydrated compounds and related mineralogies form out of fly ash constituents upon activation with cement and lime no further reactivity is evident either internally or with extraneous media like ground and air laden chemicals. This results in dimensional stability and enhanced weather resistance of pozzolanic products. Pozzolanic application has been well established as a durable material of construction for the last two millenia and fly ash bricks (sand lime bricks) are nothing but an improved version of this established pozzolanic chemistry.